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Rancher Gold Partner - AlphaBravo
05 Aug 2021
| By AlphaBravo Engineering | Categories: DevSecOps, Kubernetes, Rancher

AlphaBravo – SUSE | Rancher Gold Partner

AlphaBravo is proud to announce that we are now a SUSE & Rancher Government Solutions Gold Partner! SUSE provides a wide range of solutions, including open-source products and enterprise support for container orchestration, storage, and edge computing.

Organizations rely on RGS to advance vendor-agnostic, open source software solutions with a focus on containers and Kubernetes for U.S. government clients adopting DevSecOps across the IT landscape.

Unlike traditional commercial entities, RGS builds specific solutions such as RKE Government, a Kubernetes distribution engineered to adhere to robust security requirements, to ensure tactical requirements exceed those mandated by federal agencies and the U.S. government.

AlphaBravo is excited about our new relationship with SUSE, and we are looking forward to helping you solve all your technology needs.

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