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24 Nov 2019
| By Chad Serino | Categories: Automation

How We’re Automating CI/CD with AgileStacks.

Automating CI/CD with AlphaBravo and AgileStacks.

Before you spend a lot of money on an “opinionated stack,” consider the AgileStacks “Super Hub”. It’s more reliable and quicker than custom code, AgileStacks and AlphaBravo introduce an easy way to implement multi-cloud build, test and production environments. 

AgileStacks and AlphaBravo are reinventing how enterprises implement multi-cloud infrastructure-as-code. Deploying complete software stacks can be hard because you have to combine multiple open-source tools that aren’t integrated or supported. Customers can accelerate software delivery and data science by deploying composable, automated full-function software infrastructure in shorter times with confidence the tools will work together and be done in much less time and effort. .

For Development Teams

Imagine your software engineers working with a validated IDE and infrastructure. AgileStacks Application Template Builder is the first step for development teams to begin their DevOps automation journey. Through this wizard-like experience, teams create Jenkins pipelines, Spinnaker pipelines, Kubeflow Machine Learning pipelines – all through clicks – not code.

At AlphaBravo, our goal is to deliver a consistent build environment to your Dev teams because we want to ensure the templates for every test, QA and Prod environment are reliably provisioned, and AgileStacks with AlphaBravo does just that.

We pair your software choices to a  backend “SuperHub” and automate the composition of your DevSecOps stack so your teams don’t have to do any of the work. 

For Operations Teams

Receiving pings complaining of MTTR is not fun. We get it. All of our engineers have lived through that too. The AgileStacks platform was created from the bottom up not only to be cloud native but also to be reliable in how to deploy software infrastructure across a multi-cloud architecture.

AgileStacks goes further than tools like Chef and Ansible because they let you choose tooling through an easy UI, and set best practices with tagging so you don’t have to go back and do it.

This means your environments can be labeled for correct chargebacks, for triage and for governance. And AgileStacks places every configuration in a Git repository giving your teams a step ahead in their DevSecOps automation journey.

This is how we’re Automating CI/CD with AgileStacks.

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