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01 Jun 2020
| By Chad Serino | Categories: DevSecOps

Istio Service Mesh in 2020

Istio’s roadmap for 2020 is all about supporting companies as they adopt microservices architectures for application development. The main focus of Istio’s latest release is simply making it faster and easier to use.

What Should We Expect?

Istio’s offering is a complete solution for enabling orchestration of a deployed services network with ease. It utilizes complex operational requirements like load-balancing, service-to-service authentication, monitoring, rate-limiting and more.

To achieve that, Istio provides its core features as key capabilities across a network of services:

  • Traffic management
  • Security
  • Observability
  • Platform support
  • Integration and customization

With its latest release, along with some most anticipated improvements, those features are getting buffed as well.

During 2019 Istio’s build and test infrastructure improved significantly, resulting in higher quality and easier release cycles. A big focus was around improving user experience, with many additional commands added to allow easier operations and smother troubleshooting experience.

Furthermore, Istio’s team reported exceptional growth in contributors within the product’s community.

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