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02 May 2020
| By AlphaBravo Engineering | Categories: Storage

MinIO High Performance AI Storage.

One of the things that can determine the success of your business is whether or not you participate in big data analysis. The more data you have, the better you can analyze and improve your processes.

However, it’s also impossible for a human to go through the potentially millions of data points you can collect, making it useless to have so much data. That’s where AI storage comes in.

Keep reading to learn more about how deep learning can help you improve your data storage systems and allow you to make the most out of every piece of data you collect.

What is MinIO High-Performance AI Storage?

MinIO high-performance AI storage is a solution that allows you to store and analyze massive quantities of data in a way that’s fast, simple, and safe. AI storage is a smarter way to store information so it can be easily retrieved for analysis.

The type of storage MinIO uses is known as object storage. This is a data storage method that groups information into items known as objects. This foregoes the use of files or folders and instead keeps similar information together as objects.

Benefits of Using MinIO AI Storage

There are a number of benefits you can gain from using MinIO for your AI storage needs. Let’s dig deeper into a few of these advantages so you can see why it might be right for you.


When it comes time to access or analyze data, you need fast results. In some industries, if you’re not getting data quickly enough, you could end up losing money on missed opportunities. While AI storage is faster than some other options, not all AI storage solutions are created equally.

MinIO offers 183 GB per second of read speed and 171 GB per second of write speed if you’re using standard hardware. If your hardware is faster than average, you’ll be able to create, store, and access data even more quickly so you don’t risk missing any chances to grow your business.


Speaking of business growth, your data storage needs will likely change as your company grows. With some AI storage companies, this can mean struggling to make sure your data is keeping up with your business growth.

To avoid this problem, you’ll want to get MinIO. It was designed to be easily scaled up by using simple clusters that can easily be added onto and span multiple data centers. Around half of the current Fortune 500 companies use MinIO so you know your business won’t outgrow it.


Today, one of the biggest threats to a business is a lack of security. You have to be careful about who you trust with your data because you just never know who has access and you can’t risk a data breach that could destroy your company’s reputation.

MinIO boasts a robust security system that will help keep your data safe from cybercriminals. It accomplishes this through a secure channel built with an authenticated encryption scheme (AEAD). All of your data will be encrypted as it’s stored which makes it nearly impossible to be hacked.


Many data storage solutions started off as traditional data storage centers. Then, they added cloud services or updated to become cloud-only services. During these transitions, there’s a lot that can be lost in terms of security, speed, and usability and those disadvantages are passed onto your company.

One of the things that sets MinIO apart from other companies is that it was born in the cloud. Since it was developed as a cloud-based program, it’s extremely efficient at meeting all of your data storage and analyzation needs.


MinIO is an open-source software program that operates under the Apache V2 license. This provides a few specific benefits to your company.

These advantages include:

  • No getting locked-in
  • Free to check out
  • Free to modify
  • Free to redistribute

With the ability to make MinIO work for your business, you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your data analysis. This allows you to go beyond what a broad or even industry-specific program may have to offer as you can have it completely customized for you and your business.

It also means there are numerous other businesses out there that are operating the same system which can provide you with a network of people to connect with if you’re having any trouble getting MinIO to do something for you.


Data storage and analysis can be complicated. Although you want more data because it allows you to better understand your company, employees, and customers, it can also make it more difficult to make informed decisions if you don’t know how to get the right numbers.

This is one of the main advantages of using MinIO. It was made to be as simple as possible so you don’t have to feel like you’re wasting a lot of your time trying to learn a completely new system. Instead, it’s easy to use with a simple interface so you can jump in and start using it immediately.


MinIO’s simplicity is part of what makes it a powerful ally for data storage. When you can get in and get what you want without jumping through hoops or navigating a bunch of bells and whistles, you can get more done in less time.

You can also store as much data as you want. Combine that with AI deep learning, and you have an incredible tool that will help you dig deep into your business’s facts and figures so you can know what’s working and what’s not.

Get Cloud-based Machine Learning for Your Storage Needs

Now you know what MinIO high-performance AI storage is and how it can help you optimize your system storage and applications. As you can see, there are numerous benefits of using applied machine learning for your storage needs.

If you’re ready to gain all of these benefits and more, contact us today. We would be more than happy to help you start your digital transformation journey.