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04 Jun 2020
| By AlphaBravo Engineering | Categories: Kubernetes

Why Rancher Is a Good Choice for Kubernetes Management

If you’re unsure of where to find effective management strategies for Cloud cluster storage, look no further than Kubernetes management. By 2022, the Kubernetes market is expected to grow to over $4.3 billion in the US, which is over double what it was in 2019! Since over 87% of businesses were already running container solutions in 2019, these numbers show how much the use of these technologies is growing.

However, finding someone who does Kubernetes correctly is easier said than done. In fact, Rancher is one of the only vendors doing Kubernetes right today. Adopting Rancher as your Kubernetes solution is not only a smooth-sailing process, but it also can help you in a multitude of ways. Read on to learn these strategies and how they can benefit your business.

Rancher for Kubernetes Management: How Does It Work?

Before we can begin discussing why Rancher is the best Kubernetes management solution on the market, it’s crucial that we talk about how Rancher works. Read on to learn the specific functions of Rancher’s multi-cluster management solutions and what you need to do to get these solutions up and running on your machine.

Cluster Creation

Setting up Kubernetes clusters is a simple task with Rancher. Rather than using complex manual alternatives, Rancher allows you to create clusters through the Rancher user interface (UI). This UI has many different alternatives for launching a data cluster, so you’re going to want to do a little research and find the option that best fits your specific needs.

The Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) is Rancher’s own Kubernetes installation service. It acts as a library when you ant to provision Kubernetes services on your own work stations. In RKE clusters, your Kubernetes clusters can be deployed on any Cloud provider or virtualization platform. Rancher manages deployment on these platforms in addition to adding preexisting nodes to RKE clusters.

Your other option for cluster creation is to launch Kubernetes in another infrastructure provider. Rancher can provision nodes in Azure, Amazon EC2, and DigitalOcean. It then can install Kubernetes on these work stations. This is a great way to integrate Rancher with your preexisting software and create pools of nodes based on a node template.

If you choose to go with this option, Rancher can automatically replace nodes that lose connection with the cluster. This automate maintenance helps you to maintain the appropriate cluster configuration at all times.

Importation of Existing Clusters

Do you already have preexisting clusters on your machine that you want to integrate with the RKE? No problem!

Rancher can connect to Kubernetes clusters that have already been set up prior to its installation. However, it only sets up Rancher agents to communicate with this cluster- it doesn’t provision Kubernetes functions within it.

Imported clusters, however, cannot access all the same benefits of Rancher that non-imported ones made as RKE clusters can. Rancher doesn’t automatically scale and upgrade these clusters, for example, but it does manage the cluster. It also is capable of role-based access control and workloads that can be edited outside of Rancher.

Manages Large Cluster Sets

It’s much easier to complete tasks when you have Kubernetes services on your machines. However, Kubernetes solutions can lead to some large cluster sets that are difficult to manage without the right solutions.

Rancher is specifically configured so that you can manage large clusters. It adapts and maintains them within your software’s preexisting framework to ensure that everything within your machine remains organized and usable.

How Can Rancher Help You?

The majority of Kubernetes users are those who utilize clusters for business and corporate-related tasks. Whether or not this is the case for you, Rancher can help you streamline the processes of your Cloud storage and application management for easier use, greater productivity, and stress-free storage. Read on to learn the specific reasons why this is the case!

Unifies Multi-Cluster Management

Rancher unites Kubernetes clusters with a variety of management features that can all be used at the same time. These features include centralized authentication and access control, enterprise security, backing up your data to clusters, upgrades, and alert installation. Resultingly, you won’t need to do all of these things for each individual cluster- you can simply deploy these unified multi-cluster management techniques to all of your data at once.

You can also deploy and secure clusters quickly and consistently because of these multi-cluster management strategies. The same Rancher UI that permits cluster creation serves to deploy management strategies and ensure that your clusters are all well taken care of.

Has a Centralized Application Catalog

Not only does Rancher’s UI unify multi-cluster management, but it also provides you with a centralized application catalog (CAC) so that deployment of apps is made easy. Basically, you can view and manage all of your applications at once. This easily readable format makes it easy to select the clusters that you want to work with and deploy at any given time.

The CAC consists of a multitude of open-source tools from Rancher’s partner ecosystem. Helm. These tools allow you to work quickly and efficiently to secure and manage clusters.

Hybrid Support and Multi-Cloud Functionality

With these features, you can easily manage on-premise clusters and those hosted on cloud services. Better yet, this can be done with the single touch of a button. Hybrid support makes it simple to configure your Kubernetes security policy, audit logs, and monitor the performance of your applications.

You also will be able to deploy multi-cluster applications from Rancher’s CAC. This happens when you control access by connecting them to your internal identity providers. Additionally, this connection serves as a backup of your cluster data so that you can engage in easy disaster recovery if any of it gets lost or compromised.

Benefits of Rancher Management Solutions

Now that you know the specific things that Rancher streamlines Kubernetes management, it’s time to take a look into some of the benefits of these solutions. Read on for the specific ways that your business can benefit from the installation of Rancher software to manage your Kubernetes clusters!

Flexibility Builds Innovation

Rancher is a completely free open-source software. Better yet, though, there’s only a single version of Rancher, so you don’t need to make the difficult choice of what features you want to access. You’ll simply obtain access to all of them simply by working with the company.

This allows for you to have the freedom to utilize the services in any way that you want. You will be able to pick and choose from any number of services including the production and integration of clusters, management of the CAC, cataloging different types of clusters, and deployment of applications. You’ll have the freedom to experiment and innovate even within Rancher’s system.

Also, Rancher doesn’t expect to be your only Kubernetes vendor. While it’s ideal to do this so that all of your technology can be seamlessly integrated, the company doesn’t force you to have a single vendor. You also can remove Rancher from your computer and delink it from your clusters with very little disruption to your machine or Cloud system.

Safe and Secure Software

It’s natural to worry about your Kubernetes management software being breached. Since it automates application deployment, any security issues pose a serious threat to your computer and personal data. However, when you utilize Rancher solutions, you have nothing to fear!

This is because Rancher has recently introduced even more software than before to ensure that your data remains safe from malware and hackers. One such technology is Isito integration software, which is an open-source tool for monitoring the data on your applications and hard drive. With Isito, your team can better watch, take control of, troubleshoot, and secure the traffic on your machines. This is even the case if your business operates under a complex network of servers and/or microservices.

Rancher also has something called Open Policy Agent (OPA) Gatekeeper. This technology is basically a policy engine that controls Cloud environments on which your software is stored and run. While multiple companies provide OPA solutions, Rancher has streamlined the technology to integrate seamlessly into your Kubernetes clusters for easier management and control.

Get Started

Managing Kubernetes clusters and ensuring that your applications remain secure can be a difficult task. However, with the right multi-cluster application management solution, you can have a smooth-sailing and stress-free experience.

Now that you know why Rancher is the superior software solution for Kubernetes cluster management, it’s time to get started! Contact us